RVN Spring/Summer 2014 

For spring, RVN ventures into the African jungle on a safari journey. Vivid hues and bold patterns bring the collection alive, and tap into the fierce natural instincts of the RVN girl. A celebration of the nature’s beauty and symmetry, this season focuses on organic shapes, patterns, and textures found in wildlife.

Drawing influence from unlikely sources, Ted Kim created the Elephant Skin Jacquard Dress after studying the pattern found on a graft of coarse elephant skin. Similarly, the Bengal Tiger Stripe Dress references the characteristic stripes of the ferocious felines. The graphic design of the Chevron Jacquard styles takes inspiration from yet another one of central Africa’s fiercest creatures: the royal python.

Kim’s study of African wildlife led him to discover several fascinating and exotic customs of Northern Ghana’s Dagomba people, particularly in regards to body modification. The distinctive markings created by scarification of the skin inspired the design of the Armor 3D Jacquard Dress, while the Tattoo Lace Jacquard dress is RVN’s take on the traditional motifs used in this ancient form of body art.


Artistically composed with a fit hugging the body, the Ivy 3D Jacquard Dress compliments your curves and elongates your figure.

This dress is meant for the female with eclectic, ever changing style. Choose your color that best reflects your taste.


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